The Best Mental Health Coach Certification

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The Best Mental Health Coach Certification

Hey there, coaching superheroes! Ever found yourself intrigued by the field of mental health coaching? 

Ever thought, “I could really make a difference here”? Does the idea of earning a mental health coach certification and assisting others to find their peace and balance sound like your next big thing?

Well, if you nodded along or whispered a silent ‘yes’ to any of these, you’ve landed right where you should be. We’re on a mission to give you the scoop on the most impressive and value-packed mental health coach certification available.

Oh, and hey! We’re Cass + Tee, full-time techies helping coaches build online businesses, plus we’re certified coaches too. To be honest…you might call us certification enthusiasts, and well, you wouldn’t be wrong. We’ve been around the certification block a time or two ourselves, and now we’re about to delve into how you can amp up your coaching game with a mental health coach certification. 

Let’s get ready to dive into the heart of this thrilling journey!

What is a Mental Health Coach?

A mental health coach, in the simplest terms, is like your best buddy who’s got all the pro-tips to navigate the labyrinth of the mind. These coaches are pros in aiding their clients to confront and manage mental health challenges, ultimately leading to better life quality and personal growth.

The Best Mental Health Coach Certification

Let’s say you’ve got a mental block that’s stopping you from living the life you deserve, and you’re struggling to find your way out of it. A mental health coach is your guiding light. They work with you to create strategies and tools, helping you face your concerns head-on. 

But hey, they don’t just hand you a map and wish you luck. Instead, they walk with you every step of the way, offering you all the support you need to find your path and confidence.

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Now, you might wonder, how did this all start? 

Mental health coaching is quite the millennial in the wellness field—it came into its own in the late 20th century. 

What is a Mental Health Coach?

If you are wondering, mental health coach vs therapist? Just remember, mental health coaching stemmed from a need to bridge the gap between clinical therapy and daily life. 

It’s all about empowering you to take the reins and play an active role in managing your mental health. In the United States, the mental health coach salary is $68,720 a year.

The best part? the methodologies involved in mental health coaching are as unique as you are. From cognitive-behavioral approaches to mindfulness techniques, a certified mental health coach is equipped with a variety of tools to customize a plan that fits your unique needs and style. 

And that’s exactly what a mental health coach certification can offer—a comprehensive toolset to enable transformative mental health support. 

What is the Best Mental Health Coach Certification

With over 900+ ratings and 6,000+ students, the best and most affordable mental health coach certification is the Mental Health and Wellness Professional (MHW) Diploma Course. This certification is all about packing a punch in emotional health, mental well-being, and social awareness.

What is the Best Mental Health Coach Certification

The course is your guide to understanding the web connecting thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and general well-being. You’ll unravel how mental health issues develop and how to empower people to embrace positive lifestyle changes.

The MHW Diploma is rooted in applied psychology principles. It engages you with the world, promotes collaborative thinking, and offers a supportive environment for growth.

The goal here isn’t just managing problems. It’s about shifting focus to personal growth and developing robust internal resources. With this course, you’ll discover what it means to help your clients be mentally healthy and how to use this knowledge to uplift others.

What’s included in the certification?

The Mental Health and Wellness Professional (MHW) Diploma Course isn’t just another tick on your list. It’s a treasure trove packed with valuable resources to supercharge your coaching game.

Get ready for 38.5 hours of on-demand video content. We’re talking deep dives into the mental health realm, equipping you with the know-how to make a real impact.

A whopping 155 downloadable resources are at your fingertips. And guess what? You can access them anytime, anywhere, whether you’re on your mobile or catching up with some TV.

The cherry on top? You’ve got lifetime access to all of this. Yes, you read that right – lifetime access.

And once you’ve conquered the course? 

You’ll receive a certificate of completion to flaunt your newly minted skills and understanding as a mental health coach. Sounds like the full package, doesn’t it? Let’s explore this further!

Inside You’ll Find:

This course is like a buffet for your brain – serving up a whopping 38.5 hours of video content spread across 7 comprehensive modules. 

Inside You'll Find

Let’s uncover what each of these learning powerhouses holds for you!

  1. Introduction Section: An Overview of the Human Experience – Mental health matters and this course isn’t shying away from that. Starting off strong, it opens up the conversation about self-awareness.
  2. Foundations for Positive Mental Health – It’s all about perception and mindset in this module. Spoiler alert: you can teach your clients to unlearn things, and this section is going to show you how.
  3. The Psychology of Positive Mental Health – With a focus on emotional, psychological, and social well-being, this module is a thorough examination of the many facets of mental health. It’s like a roadmap to understanding yourself and others better.
  4. How to Bring Out the Best in People – This module guides you to help your client look past limitations and tap into their own potential.
  5. Essential Principles for Relationship Improvement – This section takes a hard look at relationships, prompting introspection and encouraging healthier connections. It’s like a deep-clean for your client’s interpersonal interactions.
  6. The Practicalities of Positively Influencing Others – All about motivation, this section takes a new perspective on how to reframe goals. You’ll learn how to help your clients turn negatives into positives.
  7. A Model for Leading, Coaching, and Mentoring – This is where the course comes full circle, offering a look into guiding, coaching, teaching, mentoring, and counseling. It’s a comprehensive tool kit to help supercharge your coaching practice.

Certification Pros:

First things first, this course is transformed the way we saw ourselves and the world around us. It’s not just an academic journey, it’s a personal one too. The tools for self-awareness and reflection equipped us to support our clients better. 

We also loved the engaging, passionate delivery of the content. It’s not about jargon and complex terms, it’s about real talk and practical application. The course was interesting, thought-provoking, and even life-changing. 

So whether you’re a mental health rookie or an enthusiast looking for an informative deep dive, this mental health coach certification online hit all the right notes. It’s not just a course, it’s a game-changer for personal and professional growth.

Certification Cons:

No course is perfect, and this mental health coach certification isn’t an exception. It’s time to turn the spotlight on the areas where it seems to stumble, according to some students.

One of the major concerns has to do with the content. Sometimes it felt too repetitive and not quite focused enough on mental health concepts. There were some personal anecdotes and perspectives, so for those seeking a curriculum based on evidence-based theories and practices in mental health, this may not hit the mark.

Additionally, we did feel some discomfort with the approach toward mental disorders in the course. However, we are coaches and not therapists. So remember, mental health isn’t just about mindset, it involves complex biological and psychological processes, and this course may not fully address that complexity. 

If you’re considering this mental health coach certification, make sure it aligns with your expectations and learning objectives. It’s all about finding the right fit for you!

Who created Mental Health Coach Certification?

Diving into the world of this mental health coach certification, it’s time to meet the main man behind the course, Kain Ramsay. An acclaimed keynote speaker, a global social media presence, a recognized social entrepreneur, and an international bestselling author, Kain also shines as an applied psychologist. 

Having spent the last 15 years in areas of applied psychology, social entrepreneurship, coaching, mentoring, and training, he brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Since becoming a Udemy instructor in 2014, Kain’s training materials have reached a remarkable audience – over 650,000 learners worldwide, to be exact. 

This places him among the most popular Udemy instructors in categories like personal development, communication skills, self-awareness training, modern applied psychology, and, of course, mental health.

But Kain didn’t stop at Udemy. In 2015, he was one of the founders of Achology, an innovative digital training platform. It aimed at fostering an international learning community focused on collaborative learning and competency development, echoing Kain’s core values of competency and integrity. 

This revolutionary approach to e-learning was officially launched in 2018.

Where to Buy The Mental Health Coach Certification?

The Pricing? At the time of this review, it’s as low as $19.99 on Udemy as a new student. Yup. You read that price right! This mental health coach certification cost less than a week of coffee. If you already have a Udemy account, then the price is $109.99.

Where to Buy The Best Mental Health Coach Certification

Sample Buyer Review: “Kain, drives it home. Clear, Concise, focused and useful. If you are interested in, learning to help yourself and others or just expand your helping vocabulary and tool box, just dive into this course, you will not be disappointed. Do your own work so you can be for others, if that is something that is of interest to you as a human. You heard me, now dive in!”

Read more reviews at Udemy.com

The Best Mental Health Coach Certification: Final Thoughts

This in-depth review should help you decide whether the Mental Health Coach Certification is for you! 

Once you get certified, make sure you launch your coaching business and start marketing right away! 

We have two logo and website templates that would be a great fit for a Mental Health Coach, including our Sadie mindset coach website template and matching mindset coach logo, and our Maryann life coach website template and matching life coach logo.

Mary Ann Life Coaching Website Template Bonuses

Tell us what you think in the comments. Are you planning to get the Mental Health Coach Certification? 

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