Fitness Coaching Website Template

Designed on Showit, Janise is a modern fitness coaching website template. A perfect fit for fitness coaches, wellness coaches, health coaches, and weight loss coaches.

Note: This design MUST be used with Showit. Photos are NOT included.

Fitness Coaching Website Template

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About Janise - Website Template for Fitness Coaches

About Janise

The Janise fitness coaching website template was created using Showit. Your dream fitness clients will be attracted to this bold and modern style with playful design elements, overlapping sections, and conversion-ready layouts.

Janise was created by Lovely Impact, which builds websites for coaches exclusively. By customizing Janise to match your brand, you can launch your fitness coaching business in 1 week.

16+ Pages Included!

  • Home page
  • About Page
  • Services Page
  • Sales Page
  • Contact Page
  • Booking Page
  • Optin Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Blog Page
  • Single Post Page
  • Reviews Page
  • Free Resources Page
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Link In Bio Page
  • Legal Page
  • 404 Page
Lovely Impact - Coaching Website Design Testimonial (2)


“My website came together beautifully and is a dream come true! Thank you Lovely Impact!”

Christina Golden, Life Coach at Better Day Coaching

Lots of Lovely Features!

✓ A breeze to use! No coding needed.

Showit was used to build our coaching websites (a subscription is required and can be purchased separately here). It is easy to build and manage websites with Showit by dragging and dropping without touching any code.

✓ 16 fitness coaching-related page templates!

It can be hard to find a fitness coaching website template that contains more than a few pages. We provide you with 16 pages! We have all the layouts you’ll need to grow your fitness coaching business.

✓ Comprehensive video instruction library.

With this fitness coaching website template, you get step-by-step video instructions delivered in a course format. Perfect for visual learners!

✓ Step-by-step printable guides

Now that you have a fitness coaching website template, what do you do next? In our printable guides, we meticulously outline every step you’ll need to take to launch your website successfully and effectively.

Plus… Tons of Bonuses Included!

Our templates include all the extras below that will help you launch your coaching website quickly and beautifully.

Janise - Fitness Coaching Website Template Bonuses

Website Copy Guide for Fitness Coaches

Website Copy Guide
($47 Value)

This 62-page guide contains copywriting templates to help you attract and convert your ideal clients, including tips and strategies to help you write every page.

Website Launch Checklist for Fitness Coaches

Website Launch Checklist
($27 Value)

Additionally, we have created a checklist to guide you through the entire process of creating a simple and manageable coaching website.

Website Image Guide for Fitness Coaches

Website Image Guide
($27 Value)

Finally, you can use this step-by-step guide to find stunning images for your website so that you can add the finishing touches before it goes live.

Lovely Impact - Coaching Website Design Testimonial


“They nailed it! My website is gorgeous because of their guidance and expertise.”

Tara Kirkland, Life Coach + Professional Organizer at TK Lifestyle

Supercharge Your Fitness Coaching Website Template!

Website In A Week Challenge for Fitness Coaches


Fitness Coaching Website in a Week Challenge

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Matching Logo Templates

This brand is yours to take! With the matching branding template, you can streamline the entire business launch process.

Coaching Shop for Fitness Coaches


Coaching Shop Add-On

Our design team will customize this coaching template to fit your brand perfectly. Simply send us the copy and photos, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Janise Fitness Coaching Website - Before and After Example
Lovely Impact - Coaching Website Design Testimonial (3)


“They helped me build a website that shares my message to the exact audience I need to deliver it to.”

Marisa Zeppieri, Coach at Lupus Chick

Payment Options

With flexible payment options, you can pay according to your budget! Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced coach, we have a plan that will fit your needs.

Option 1$2312 Payments of $231 per month
Option 2$4191 Payment of $419
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Why Showit Templates for Coaches?

100% creative control

You can create your entire coaching website by dragging and dropping. No hiring a coder! Your only limits are your imagination.

Hundreds of fonts at your disposal

Showit provides over 952 diverse fonts that are totally free. Or, you can upload your own directly into your media library.

Show up in search engines

Showit integrates with WordPress, you’ll also have access to the search engine power of WordPress the best SEO tools available. 

Top-rated support & resources

Lovely Impact’s resources plus Showit’s customer support provides you everything you could need to launch.

Showit Templates for Coaches FAQ

Why Should I Use Showit?

Showit is the best combination of the website-building worlds, in our opinion. You get a no-code-needed editor for the design and content of your primary pages, but also get to blog on the WordPress platform. That means you have total control over how things look, and also have the best blogging platform on your side to reach more people with your content.

How will my coaching blog work?

You’ll log into your WordPress account to add new blog posts to your feed. The WordPress editor is really simple to use and gives you total control of entering your blog posts, and when it gets published to your site. This means you can plan your content ahead of time and never have to worry about hitting publish at the time you want content to go live. It will post at the exact time you’ve scheduled it to.

Will I be able to make edits to your Showit templates for coaches?

Absolutely! You’ll have 100% control over the content, images, layout, and design of your coaching website. With the Showit tutorial library that comes with your template, you’ll have complete confidence in making changes and adjustments to your site so it turns out the way you’ve envisioned it in your head. We call it website freedom.

Do you offer refunds/accept returns?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the digital nature of our products, we don’t accept returns or provide refunds.

Do I have to purchase Showit?

Yes, Showit is a subscription website software. Depending on what type of plan you purchase, you’ll have a monthly or yearly subscription fee to keep your website live. It’s the same as building a website on any other platform, and the pricing is comparable to Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, and most others.

Is Showit hard to learn?

Not if you follow our instructions! We’ve done all the legwork for you. With the purchase of your template, you’ll get instant access to our complete Showit tutorial library. In the library, you’ll find everything you need to make whatever changes you want, whether big or small. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Can I transfer my current blog over?

Yes! The Showit support team is amazing, and they’ll help you in migrating all of your existing blog posts to your new website. You’ve worked hard on that content — and you won’t lose it.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We have 2 payment options. 2 Payments of $231 per month or 1 Payment of $419.

Are the photos included?

No. Stock photos are NOT included in any of our templates. We use stock photos from Haute Stock to showcase how it could look, but you would be responsible for purchasing the final photos.

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