We’ll Set Up Your Coaching Business & Design Your Website in Just 9 Weeks!

Hey Coach! Our 9-week business design experience delivers brand clarity, a beautiful website, and a marketing strategy that you and your dream clients will love.

Are You Drowning In…

Online Mess

Lost in the digital jungle with a website that’s more “meh” than “wow!” or no website at all?

DIY Overwhelm

Feeling like you need a PhD in tech just to keep up with all these darn coaching tools?

Hiring Horror

Need help, but scared of getting ghosted by a designer or scammed into a course… again?

Cash Drain

Tired of seeing your hard-earned cash vanish with nothing to show for it?

Client Crickets

Listening to the deafening silence of zero coaching clients ringing your virtual doorbell?

Business Blues

Got your coaching certificate but feeling like they skipped Business 101?

β€œDo not hesitate to work with them if you are a coach and want to have a beautiful and high-converting website.”

They don’t just create beautiful coaching websites, but they also know how to convert those websites into paying clients. They provide so much training and education around actually running the coaching business, which is a HUGE added bonus.

– Chris F., Remote Work Coach

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Meet Your Coaching Biz Guides

Hey Coach!

Feeling stuck in your business can feel a bit like climbing a mountain with shoes a size too small – frustrating, uncomfortable, and honestly, downright painful. 

That’s where we step in.

We’re Cass and Tee – your certified coaches and web design wizards. We’re the dynamic duo behind Lovely Impact, the one-stop digital shop exclusively serving coaches like you.

We’ve been where you are, tangled in the net of online confusion and the avalanche of tech tools. 

We don’t just sympathize; we get it.

But here’s the tea:

We believe you should spend more time doing what you love (coaching!) and less time stressing over web design, tech hiccups and marketing mayhem.

We rolled up our sleeves, dove headfirst into the digital deep-end so that you don’t have to. 

We’re not just here to provide a service but to guide you, empower you, and sprinkle a little sass and fun along the way.

It’s time to stop scrambling up this digital mountain alone.

Let’s team up, conquer this thing, and plant your flag of success at the peak. 

Your thriving coaching biz deserves its summit selfie moment, don’t ya think?

Cass and Tee - Web Designers for Coaches

β€œThis team has the knowledge, skills, and care, especially in the details.”

Amazing work ❀️. Every coaching call was amazing, and I feel this team has the knowledge, skills, and care, especially in the details. I appreciate all of the support thus far, and I love my website!

– Crystal C., Confidence Coach

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Introducing Our 9-Week Coaching Business & Web Design Experience

🧭 Phase 1: Business Clarity
with Tee

First up, we’re going detective mode.

Tee, our Co-Founder and certified biz whisperer, dives into your niche, signature offer, and call to action. We’ll banish the fog, spotlighting your clearest path forward.

Photo of Stina

πŸ“ Phase 2: Project Planning
with Stina

Next, we’re stepping into planning!

You’ll be teaming up with Stina, our Project Manager and brand coach extraordinaire, to blueprint your dream website. We’ll hand-pick the perfect tools for you and draft the game plan for your project.

Photo of Stina

🎨 Phase 3: Branding
with Stina

Round three is all about brand sizzle!

If you’re logo-less, Stina’s your girl, conjuring a design that’ll make your heart skip a beat. We’re breathing life into your brand personality in a way that screams YOU.

πŸ–ŠοΈ Phase 4: Copywriting
with Cass & Tee

Now, let’s weave some word magic!

Together, our Co-Founders work to spin your message into gold – think irresistible, selling copy. She’ll make sure your words are as enticing as a double-chocolate chip cookie.

πŸ’» Phase 5: Website Design
with Cass

And… drumroll, please… launch!

Cass is also a certified brand coach, she’ll take the reins and rallies the design team to launch your new website. We’ve got the tech stuff covered – you just kick back and enjoy.

πŸš€ Phase 6: Traffic Strategy
with Tee

The grand finale? A traffic party.

You’ll have a 1-on-1 strategy pow-wow with Tee to ensure your tribe finds your new digital digs. Craving more? Just opt for our add-on traffic coaching.

β€œHaving an all-in-one site design, copywriting, and marketing service is a unique offer.”

I had the technical aptitude to do my own website using a template; however, copywriting and making design decisions is just something I would prefer to have the help of an expert with. The team at Lovely Impact were those experts.

– Danelle B., Career Coach

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Go At It Alone, Or Team Up With Us? Weigh Your Options.

When you decide to tackle it all on your own, you risk:

❌ Wasting countless hours lost in the tech maze.

❌ Getting stuck in a state of confusion and overwhelm.

❌ Draining your energy that could be focused on coaching.

❌ Struggling to clear the fog about your business strategy.

❌ Repelling potential clients with an amateur-looking website.

But, when you join forces with Lovely Impact, you reap:

βœ… The joy of reclaiming your focus for what you love most.

βœ… The relief of trading confusion for clarity and peace.

βœ… The thrill of wowing clients with a professional website.

βœ… The excitement of a business strategy that actually works.

βœ… The satisfaction of a website that converts traffic into leads.

β€œAs a new coach, they guided and kept me on track.”

With great energy and enthusiasm, the women at Lovely Impact captured the essence of my brand and created my dream website. As a new business, they guided and kept me on track. I am incredibly grateful for their support and expertise throughout the process. Thank you, Lovely Impact!

– Bonnie M., Integrative Health Coach

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